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The Shallows – New Release Review

Taut, scary and featuring a great lead performance, The Shallows escapes from Jaws‘s collosal shadow… Blake Lively stars as Nancy, a medical student who has all but given up on her profession of choice after losing her mother to cancer. Instead of studying she is running away from her life; partying, exploring and surfing her way around the […]

Stretch and Bobbito: Radio that Changed Lives

Hip-hop began, as everyone knows, with block parties in the Bronx in the late 1970s, but it hit its creative and commercial peak in New York in the 1990s. White DJ Stretch Armstrong and Latino announcer Bobbito Garcia were lucky enough, at that time, to host an underground radio show through which practically every single […]

The Wicked Lady – New Release Review

Faye Dunaway is a wicked lady indeed, seducing her sister’s fiancée on the eve of their wedding, going on to marry him and become the Lady Skelton, before soon getting bored of the life of a Lady and becoming a highwayman instead; along the way, she picks up a number of extra lovers, kills several […]

Grandma – New Release Review

We take a look at this Lily Tomlin led comedy as it opens on DVD today… Young Sage (played by a likeable Julia Garner) has a problem: she’s gotten herself knocked up, which was very foolish of her, but she’s scheduled an abortion appointment for 17:45 that evening, which is very sensible of her, but […]