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Eddie Redmayne is Transformed Into a Woman for Transgender Role…

The first image has emerged of Redmayne in the role of early transgender Lili Elbe… The still is taken from Redmayne’s new film The Danish Woman where he will be portraying the man Einar Wegener who eventually became an early pioneer into transgenderism in the early 20th century. Wegner’s transformation began when his wife the artist Gerda Wegener asked him […]

Jupiter Ascending – Review (Spoiler Free)

This is an unforgivably stupid film which fails to produce a single original idea… We deserve better from the Wachowski siblings than this uninspired and staggeringly lifeless film. Now it’s been a long time since the glory days of The Matrix but it was still hard to contemplate whilst watching Jupiter Ascending that this came from the same minds which gave us that classic […]

The Theory of Everything – Review (Spoiler Free)

Redmayne delivers one of the most astonishing performances in recent years… As a biopic this suffers from the problems that often plague its genre, including a tendency to look at its subject through heavily rose-tinted glasses. But within these unfortunate limitations lies a performance, which I do not think I am being facetious in declaring […]

Les Misérables – Review (Spoiler Free)

It may not be exactly subtle, but Les Misérables does deliver as an emotionally charged, epically scaled version of the stage show, and one which should satisfy its fans, even if it will struggle to win over too many newcomers. I think it’s fair to say that every performer gives it their all here, some […]