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Darkness on the Edge of Town- Review (Spoiler Free)

As beautiful as it is bleak, this Irish western is an intimate tale of blood, betrayal and loss. The Irish landscape may not be an obvious backdrop for a western to play out, but make no mistake, the blood of the old west strongly flows through the veins of this dark and taut film. A […]

Exclusive interview with Emma Eliza Regan!

Today we have actress Emma Eliza Regan on to talk about her work in the new movie Darkness on the Edge of Town. You may remember me getting very excited about this film not so long ago (here) so you can imagine that I was thrilled when I managed to secure time with Emma today! […]

Darkness on the Edge of Town receives Honourable Mention for Best Feature Film!

This highly anticipated Western has just achieved this success at the 2014 Underground Cinema Film Festival! This success is yet another piece of good news for a film which seems set to be both powerfully acted and strikingly shot. The film, which stars Emma Eliza Regan and Brian Gleeson, currently holds a score of 8.5 […]

Short Film Mondays – Ninety Seconds by Gerard Lough

Ninety Seconds certainly is ambitious. In many ways it feels like a concept for a feature film that’s then been condensed down into just under half an hour. It is set a short distance into the future where the invasion of privacy has been taken to extreme levels, and surveillance experts have access to all […]

Short Film Mondays – Out There by Randal Plunkett

This first entry into Short Film Mondays within the New Year needs to quickly address a small change; this feature will now run on the first Monday of each month, instead of each week as it used to. For more details please click here. Anyway, now let’s get onto the short for this month. Out […]