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The Magnificent Seven Remake Adds Ethan Hawke to its Cast…

Ethan Hawke is yet another interesting name to be added to the upcoming reboot… There’s a real question as to whether there really needs to be a Magnificent Seven remade at all, but that’s for another time. Whether we like it or not it’s happening and it’s assembling a rather curious cast. Of course the classic film […]

Emma Watson and Ethan Hawk star in new ‘Regression’ Trailer and Poster

Emma Watson plays a young woman who accuses her father of a crime he can’t remember committing… I’ve been interested in this film for  a while now as it sounds like an interesting project for Emma Watson as she continues to stretch herself and take on a variety of different projects. At first I assumed […]

‘Anarchy’ adds grit to Shakespeare’s Cymbeline

The Bard’s work is being updated to a battle between bikers and corrupt cops … So once again we are getting a modern day adaptation of Shakespeare’s work, this time of his less well known Cymbeline. The film, now having changed its title to Anarchy in a move which presumabley is to try to cash […]