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Exclusive Interview with Fabrice Mathieu!

Today we have the guy behind two of the recent Short Film Monday’s entries in to talk about his work. You may remember Dans L’ombre – a short film about a shadow trying to escape from his ‘wearer’, or indeed you may be able to think back to the short called Mémoires Vives which concerns […]

Short Film Mondays – Mémoires Vives by Fabrice Mathieu

This week’s Short Film Mondays features another film by Fabrice Mathieu after having promoted his In the Shadow a couple of weeks back. I loved that one for its simplicity and inventiveness and made contact with the filmmaker to discuss an interview for this site, so look out for that soon! As we talked he […]

Short Film Mondays – In the Shadow by Fabrice Mathieu

This week’s Short Film Mondays features a rather playful film which uses clips from movies that range from  Metropolis to Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow in order to construct its narrative. It’s full of some interesting ideas, and it’s rather charming and fun to both spot the films its using, and also to […]