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Esio Trot – Review (Spoiler Free)

An almost perfectly pitched adaptation which charms both adults and kids alike… One of the hardest things to create on screen is charm, and one of the others is intelligent simplicity, and yet amongst the most notable features of the BBC’s adaptation of Esio Trot was how well it succeeds at creating both of those elements. Richard Curtis’ scripting on […]

Sexmission – Review (Spoiler Free)

Farce, politics and gender dynamics are blended together in this Polish classic… SeksMisja is arguably most famous for somehow escaping the censors during Communist rule in Poland, and even with a very limited knowledge of the period, it’s easy to appreciate how impressive a feat that is. There is enough commentary on communism and totalitarianism […]

The Imitation Game – Review (Spoiler Free)

Strong performances and a compelling subject anchor this otherwise simplified biopic… It’s interesting when a film comes out accompanied by the words ‘performance of [insert actor of the moment here]’s career’, it changes things. Going in we consequently expect to see a deeply layered and nuanced look at Turing’s life (and Cumberbatch makes every effort […]

Interstellar – Review (Spoiler Free)

I joyously salute this space adventure for both its bravery and intelligence, despite it’s unfortunate flaws… There are many out there who are ripping Interstellar to shreds for reasons such as its flawed internal logic and its ambitious nature, and some of these criticisms are just and I’ll duly address those. But those who are […]

Fear – Short Film Review

An atmospheric and poetically charged study of fear, perception and the human mind… Here is an excellent example of exactly what a short film can achieve if it tries hard enough. The condensing of as wide a subject matter as fear may seem daunting, but this short hones in on the exact and pure feeling […]

Handgun – Review (Spoiler Free)

This slow burning, sensitive and intelligent rape and revenge thriller hits harder than most… Handgun (aka Deep in the Heart) is a rare film in that it is a non-exploitative rape and revenge thriller which actually has a political and artistic agenda. In many respects this film is more a comment on America’s gun laws […]

The Bling Ring – Review (Spoiler Free)

Sofia Coppola’s film verges on becoming as vapid as its celebrity obsessed subjects. I went into this film knowing that celebrity culture is vain and damaging, and after the credits had rolled I still knew that and hadn’t had any of my assumptions or opinions challenged, strengthened or really tackled at all. This film simply […]

Darkness on the Edge of Town- Review (Spoiler Free)

As beautiful as it is bleak, this Irish western is an intimate tale of blood, betrayal and loss. The Irish landscape may not be an obvious backdrop for a western to play out, but make no mistake, the blood of the old west strongly flows through the veins of this dark and taut film. A […]

Ida – Review (Spoiler Free)

Sublimely filmed in black and white, Ida‘s streamlined narrative is as bleak as it is sensual. Initially this post Shoah/Holocaust film seems set to be a bleak and solitary affair, and it is, fittingly so. But there are also beautiful depths to be experienced here, ones that are both sensual and haunting. For Ida is […]

The Line, The Cross & The Curve – Review (Spoiler Free)

Few people other than devoted fans are going to like it, but it has its own charm. Today marks the day Kate Bush is returning to the stage after thirty five long years away. As a devoted fan I thought that of all days this would be a good one for taking another look at that […]