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Landmine Goes Click – New Release Review

Struggles to capitalise on it’s considerable promise… The concept behind Landmine Goes Click bursts with promise; a tourist (Sterling Knight) steps on a landmine whilst hiking in Geogia with his best mate and his mate’s girlfriend. With our protagonist pinned to one spot lest the mine explodes we are now set up for something rather thrilling, an inventive and […]

The Lesson – New Release Review

An exercise in pain and torture which is wholly lacking in purpose, depth or value… Maybe, just maybe The Lesson started out in life as a project with a purpose. I feel that I’m being rather overly kind when I say that though because just about any semblance of that has been since lost in a swamp of ill-defined […]

Last Girl Standing – New Release Review

An inventive and emotionally grounded look at what happens after the credits roll… Here is that rare thing; a horror film in which fresh ideas, an exploratory spirit and solid writing work towards something more impactful than your average slasher. Not that there is anything wrong with a good slasher and Last Girl Standing certainly knows it; celebrating and feeding off the sub-genre’s […]

Night of the Living Deb – New Release Review

Horror movies are full of your classic nightmares: apocalypses of various sorts (but mostly zombie); dismemberments and tortures; shaky handheld footage; waking up after a one-night stand with the most annoying woman on the planet. I’m sorry, only one horror film’s done that last one, and it’s Night of the Living Deb, and it combines […]

Aaaaaaaah! – New Release Review

We take a look at this cult satirical comedy… One capital “A”, seven lower-case “a”s, one lower-case “h”, and an exclamation mark. It’s important that you get it right because on the face of it, it’s an awesome title for a horror film, instantly reminiscent of some piece of lurid 1970s Eurotrash exploitation dubbed and […]

The Sand – New Release Review

Waking up after a night of debauchery which resembles a mercifully truncated Spring Breakers, our teen antiheroes find themselves beach-bound: something is in the sand, and when they touch it they die. OK, so it’s basically The Floor is Made of Lava: The Movie, but The Sand does more with its pleasantly offbeat premise than […]