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FrightFest reviews: Day Five

Traditionally, the fifth day is when festival fatigue starts to set in. When the final film for the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights can begin as late as 2355, it means that, by the time it’s finished and you’ve taken public transport from Shepherd’s Bush to Islington, walked home, brushed your teeth, undressed, et cetera, […]

FrightFest reviews: Day Four

Short Film Showcase Two The second of the short film showcases was really something astonishing to behold; I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a brilliantly-curated programme of shorts. It started off in stylish yet not entirely convincing fashion with “Francois”, before hitting its stride with “No Touching”, a Buffy-recalling short built around the inimitable […]

FrightFest reviews: Day Three

For the most part, Saturday was the big day for this year’s FrightFest, which is exactly what you might expect. Several of the most anticipated screenings of the festival took place and, for those who were unable to book five days off from work to watch horror films, it was also the most practical day […]

FrightFest reviews: Day Two

The Chamber Day Two of FrightFest kicked off, for me at least, with The Chamber, an entry in the “trapped” subgenre that also includes Open Water, Adrift, Frozen, and Landmine Goes Click. In all of these films, a small group of people begin to turn on each other as their nerves become frayed by the […]

FrightFest reviews: Day One

For the third year running, your correspondent has braved FrightFest, a festival of horror films taking place over five days in Central London. This year it was particularly brave of me as, instead of the familiar Leicester Square of previous fests, it was held in the Shepherd’s Bush Vue, which meant my journey required changing […]

An Early Look at FrightFest

We take a look at what to expect at this year’s FrightFest… In just over a month, FrightFest will begin. The festival of horror and genre cinemas, which this year will take place over five days, from August 25th until August 29th, in the Shepherd’s Bush Vue, has been covered by mrrumsey.com for the last […]

Exclusive Interview: Russell Friedenberg talks Wind Walkers!

Today we are pleased to welcome Russell Friedenberg to the site in order to talk about his latest film Wind Walkers. Having enjoyed considerable success at this year’s FrightFest we wanted to catch up with Russell and find out what inspired the film, how the challenging shooting process played out and what he has planned for the […]

FrightFest Round-Up, Part Six: Shorts, shorts & more shorts

Christian Robshaw delivers his final thoughts on 2015’s FrightFest… This year at FrightFest I attended two of the three Short Film Showcases, and if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to really quickly work through everything I saw at them. Short Film Showcase One opened with Jason Kupfer’s “Invaders”, a very funny and very bloody parody […]

FrightFest Round-Up, Part Five: Arthouse, Farthouse, & Blumhouse

We come to the penultimate look at 2015’s FrightFest… I’m nearly finished now with the FrightFest reviews, and what’s most certainly finished is my ability to collect movies into convenient sections according to genre. My apologies, then, for this last odds-and-sods review; the main focus, though, will be the arthouse. That brings me directly to Scherzo Diabolico, […]

FrightFest Round-Up, Part Four: Slash & Burn

Christian Robshaw reports on FrightFest’s slasher offerings… One horror subgenre that hasn’t enjoyed even a slight vogue recently is the slasher, laid permanently to rest by dear, departed Wes Craven in Scream. After that thorough deconstruction, the only slashers that crawled out were a couple more clever-clever – but not actually that clever – Scream-alikes, […]