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Exclusive Interview: Severin Fiala Talks Goodnight Mommy

Today we are very pleased to be able to share the interview we conducted with Severin Fiala recently. We were talking about his new film Goodnight Mommy (which we here at Rumsey’s showered with praise¹), finding out what inspired the dark film and learning lots about the process that he and Veronika Franz (Fiala’s co-writer and co-director) went through […]

Goodnight Mommy – New Release Review

We love this dark and psychological horror…. The cumulative effect of the brutal Austrian-produced Goodnight Mommy tends to linger like a hangover, but an acceptable hangover, if there were such a thing. Few modern horrors can say they resonate in this way, in the latent way this thriller-horror hybrid seems to matter after it has […]