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Shelter – New Release Review

A moving depiction of homelessness with a fearless lead performance by Jennifer Connelly… It’s not easy to represent the subject of homelessness well. It’s one of those subjects which seems to so easily lend itself to insensitivity, cliché and well-meaning condescension. Thankfully then Paul Bettany’s debut directorial feature doesn’t fall into any of these easy traps, instead it […]

Stray Dogs – Review (Spoiler Free)

Often excruciatingly tedious, Stray Dogs is far from the masterpiece it has been hailed to be… Director Tsai Ming-liang claims to have become ‘tired with cinema’ and the way it constructs a linear narrative. He says he is disgusted by its ‘constant pandering to popular taste’, and he makes that feeling of his abundantly clear in his latest and […]