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Blood Bath – Blu-Ray Release Review

Back in 1963, Roger Corman was taking a busman’s holiday in Dubrovnik, then a part of Yugoslavia, now a part of Croatia. Apparently unable to keep himself from financing, producing, scripting, directing, et cetera, he ended up getting involved with a local production, Operacija Ticijan (Operation Titian), a thriller involving a forged Titian painting and […]

Killer Dames – Blu-Ray Re-Release Review

In the 1970s, Italian director Emilio P. Miraglia never quite made it as big as Dario Argento. For that matter, he never made it as big as Mario Bava or Lucio Fulci, nor Sergio Martino, or Umberto Lenzi or even Ruggero Deodato. Still, he managed to make, under the assumed name Hal Brady, the thrillers […]

Desecrated – New Release Review

So there’s a group of teens who want to go and stay in this house in the woods – you get the drill, I’m sure, so don’t let me bore you with the unnecessary details. So what’s the gimmick, what’s the U.S.P.? The killer in this movie is the caretaker of the house in which […]

Restoration – New Release Review

Things go bump in the night once a couple begin working on a old house with a history… We’ve heard nary a peep from ghosts in the cinema lately. You might be thinking that that’s completely wrong, and we’ve had haunted house films a-plenty with Paranormal Activity, Insidious, Sinister, The Conjuring, and all their many […]

Decay – New Release Review

When perennial loner Jonathan (Rob Zabrecky) finds himself, through a series of moderately contrived events, playing host to a deceased young woman, he’s reluctant to report it to the police. Not, you understand, because he fears being implicated in her death – he is genuinely innocent – but because he’s loath to lose the nearest […]

Anguish – New Release Review

The latest in a series of recent essays at the possession subgenre of ghost pictures, Anguish is all about the debatably true story of a teen girl, apparently suffering from the already-dubious dissociative identity disorder, who may in fact be being possessed by the restless spirit of another teen girl, one who died in a […]

The Scopia Effect – New Release Review

Christopher Butler directorial début is an audacious and refreshingly curious cross genre piece… Perhaps Butler didn’t hear that commonly thrown about mantra which says you should start small when crafting your début film, after having seen his bold, experimental approach for myself though I’m more inclined to think he took one look at the proverbial rule book and ripped it […]

Exclusive Interview: Ben and Rachel Moody Talk Last Girl Standing!

Today we are very pleased to welcome director and producer Ben and Rachel Moody to the site in order to have a chat about their new movie Last Girl Standing. We really like the way their film took the slasher genre and set out to twist into something else; a quasi-drama focused on how the surviving […]

Basket Case Trilogy – Blu-Ray Re-Release Review

Duane Bradley’s a normal enough guy, if a little quiet, but what’s up with that danged basket he’s always got under his arm? Those who know what’s best for them won’t peek, but, as those who’ve already given these outrageously brilliant films a look will know, it’s hard to resist, especially in this lovingly nourished […]

Re-Animator – Blu-Ray Re-Release Review

Bright, bloody, and full of campy good fun, the most successful of Stuart Gordon’s many cinematic essays at Lovecraft now finds itself brought back to life on DVD and Blu-Ray with a lot of dedication from the folk at Second Sight and a little dash of re-agent. When the brilliant but deeply strange medical student […]