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Louder Than Bombs – New Release Review

Confident, acute and both emotionally and intellectually stirring, Trier’s American début is a real success… The family at the centre of Louder Than Bombs is fractured and struggling long before the figurative bombs go off. The parents feud heavily and that understandably takes its heavy toll on both their sons; the college age Jesse Eisenberg and the much younger Devin […]

The Double – Review (Spoiler Free)

This bleak social commentary is laced with absurdist comedy and touching insight… In The Double Richard Ayoade presents us with an adaptation of Dostoyevsky’s novella, which at times feels like a collaboration between George Orwell and Franz Kafka. The film’s world feels very much like 1984’s dystopian vision with an office worker who lives a dictated life under a constant […]

Now You See Me – Review (Spoiler Free)

Best enjoyed by switching your brain off and enjoying the spectacle. This film about magicians turned criminals is often silly, it’s characters are underwritten and it defies logic with surprising willingness – and yet I had a good time with it. The action is entertaining, the visuals eye catching, and although the plot’s twist and […]

Zombieland – Review (Spoiler Free)

The zombie apocalypse has taken place. Most of humanity now shuffles around trying to eat flesh whilst moaning a lot. The few survivors have only lived this long due to either having brains or brawn, or in Columbus’s (Jesse Eisenberg) case, it’s by strictly following a set of self-determined rules.  We are introduced to all […]