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Exclusive Interview with Lea Thompson!

Hello and Happy New Year! I hope you all had a great celebration last night. Today to see the new year in we have Lea Thompson here to talk a little about her film The Trouble With The Truth, the legacy of Back to the Future and much, much more! Read on for our chat… […]

The Trouble With The Truth – Interview With Jim Hemphill

Today I am joined by Jim Hemphill, the director of The Trouble with the Truth. If the movie sounds familiar then that may be because I gave it a very enthusiastic review just the other day! It’s a real thrill  to be able to bring you a conversation between us as I think he did a […]

The Trouble with the Truth – Review (Spoiler Free)

Lea Thompson and John Shea are both excellent in a movie that you don’t want to overlook. As the film goes on layer upon layer of warmth, complexity and ever increasing heartbreak are painfully revealed through both actors’ precise performances and an intelligent script. It’s a tricky thing to make a movie about two people […]