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Birdman wanted to cast Johnny Depp for a very different ending…

Birdman was originally going to have the Pirates star cameo in a proposed ending… So anyone who read my review of Birdman (here) knows that I wasn’t a great fan of the film overall. There were elements I liked as well as many which I didn’t, but due to the fact that I try to avoid spoilers in my […]

Chocolat – Review (Spoiler Free)

A sweet fable about religion and the resistance to change in closed communities… Juliette Binoche stars as a chocolatier who moves through the world with her daughter, dispersing old world wisdom as she goes and releasing people from their inhibitions with the power of delicious chocolate. When she arrives in a small religious community during […]

Exclusive Interview with Jamie Bernadette!

Today we sit down with actress Jamie Bernadette to talk about her upcoming zombie movie State of Desolation. Jamie (The Bunnyman Massacre, Secret Children) has been very busy recently with a large array of exciting different projects. Although we didn’t have time  to cover them all here, we do go in depth about the upcoming […]

The Rum Diary – Review (Spoiler Free)

Badly paced and lacking in energy, The Rum Diary sometimes glimmers with potential, but soon flops again. This should be a wildly energetic, sharply focused, and beautifully shot movie that’s full of wit and clever observations. The wild characters should be more engaging, the story should zip along, and frankly I should come out of this […]

Once Upon a Time in Mexico – Review (Spoiler Free)

Johnny Depp rises above what is otherwise a fun but messy conclusion to the Mariachi trilogy. There are two films in 2003 which Depp elevates with an unexpectedly bold and unusual performance; they’re this one and Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Now the two films are pretty different to one […]

Public Enemies – Review (Spoiler Free)

Check out my review of Public Enemies on the fantastic Filmhipster site!

Dark Shadows – Review (Spoiler Free)

I braced myself for the worst after this film’s almost exclusively negative reviews, and although there were the odd moments that succeeded, overall Dark Shadows was largely a disappointment. Burton appears to have tried to pay homage to the original TV series by featuring a large collection of characters, which isn’t necessarily a bad idea, […]