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Landmine Goes Click – New Release Review

Struggles to capitalise on it’s considerable promise… The concept behind Landmine Goes Click bursts with promise; a tourist (Sterling Knight) steps on a landmine whilst hiking in Geogia with his best mate and his mate’s girlfriend. With our protagonist pinned to one spot lest the mine explodes we are now set up for something rather thrilling, an inventive and […]

FrightFest Round-Up, Part Five: Arthouse, Farthouse, & Blumhouse

We come to the penultimate look at 2015’s FrightFest… I’m nearly finished now with the FrightFest reviews, and what’s most certainly finished is my ability to collect movies into convenient sections according to genre. My apologies, then, for this last odds-and-sods review; the main focus, though, will be the arthouse. That brings me directly to Scherzo Diabolico, […]