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When Harry Met Sally – ReRelease Review

Look what’s back in UK cinemas today… The BFI are currently presenting a season of films celebrating love, the programme including Brief Encounter, Doctor Zhivago, True Romance, and the breezy 80s comedy When Harry Met Sally…. More accurately actually, Sally meets Harry, sharing a drive from Chicago to New York City. Harry is annoying but, […]

Malady – Review (Spoiler Free)

Like walking through a vivid dream, Malady only falters when you begin to wake up… For a long time Malady gets by on atmosphere and world building alone. It sets it’s own slow pace and dreamlike feel which thankfully doesn’t come across as being in any way contrived as so many other indie films do. […]

Sea Without Shore – Review (Spoiler Free)

Agonisingly raw in its depiction of lost love, this dance film casts an intoxicating spell… It’s rare to find a film that so uncompromisingly refuses to tame its wilder side in order to pander to the masses. This isn’t for everyone. Not simply because it’s a dance film but because there is no real dialogue […]

The Duke of Burgundy – Review (Spoiler Free)

A searingly intimate and exceptionally well crafted study of love, sex and relationships… The Duke of Burgundy is a rare cinematic gem which asks a lot of its audience but in turn rewards them with a deftly observed and layered screenplay, pinpoint-precise acting and richly sensual visuals. One takes great pleasure in delving deeply into […]

Blue Valentine – Review (Spoiler Free)

Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams both give their all to their roles in this indie drama, and although it could benefit from a trim to tighten it up, Blue Valentine certainly gets a must see recommendation from me. The film tells the story of a relationship and its struggles, and I’ll warn you now – […]