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The Master – Review by Mark Walker

Today Mark Walker from Marked Movies joins us with a review of The Master… Paul Thomas Anderson has only done a handful of films since his 1997 directorial debut Hard Eight but has he really got anything more to prove after such strong and consistent deliveries? Maybe only one thing… that he can keep up the very […]

P.T.A Blogathon Announcement

Look out for a series of posts this month celebrating Paul Thomas Anderson! In the lead up to the British release of Inherent Vice at the end of this month you will find a number of articles scattered amongst the more regular posts on this site concerning the career of director Paul Thomas Anderson. Bloggers […]

Tarantino’s 50th – Kill Bill: Vol.2 (Written by Mark Walker)

Today’s final post is a Kill Bill Vol.2 review contributed by Mark Walker. I’m sure that most of you know Mark and his blog, but for those of who don’t I would thoroughly recommend visiting his site here. It’s certainly worth your time. Now although this is the final review for today, the posts will be continuing for the next two days […]