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The Wolf of Wall Street – Review (Spoiler Free)

A hilarious, timely and troubling exploration of addiction and the American Dream… It’s taken me well over a year to sit down and write about my thoughts on The Wolf of Wall Street. During that time I’ve seen the film about four or five times and have battled between whether I think it is excellent, fairly flawed, […]

Interstellar – Review (Spoiler Free)

I joyously salute this space adventure for both its bravery and intelligence, despite it’s unfortunate flaws… There are many out there who are ripping Interstellar to shreds for reasons such as its flawed internal logic and its ambitious nature, and some of these criticisms are just and I’ll duly address those. But those who are […]

Mud – Review (Spoiler Free)

Huckleberry Finn meets Matthew McConaughey along the shores of the Mississippi river. Mud begins with two children heading off to find a boat which, rumour has it, has been stranded on a small island just a short way away from where they live. Once there though they find a rough and potentially dangerous Matthew McConaughey. […]

Top 10 most anticipated films for 2014

So, better late than never, here are my top ten most anticipated films for 2014. There were a lot of films to consider such as Luc Besson’s latest film Lucy , Ridley Scott’s latest endeavor Exodus where he’s teaming up with Christian Bale and Sigourney Weaver and The Amazing Spider-Man 2, as well as a whole host […]