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The Smile of Claudia Gator

Today I take a look at the final, transcendental scene in Magnolia… Magnolia is primarily an agonised scream at people’s inability to communicate effectively with each other, and at cinema’s great betrayal which denies us a true perception of reality. Paul Thomas Anderson is noted as having said that he feels betrayed by film for […]

Exclusive Interview with Haley Webb

Today we have Haley Webb in to chat about her new film Sugar Mountain where she costars with Melora Walters and Drew Roy, what it was like to play Patti Smith and much, much more! Read on for the full interview below… Hello there, thanks for taking some time out to speak with me today! How […]

P.T.A Blogathon Announcement

Look out for a series of posts this month celebrating Paul Thomas Anderson! In the lead up to the British release of Inherent Vice at the end of this month you will find a number of articles scattered amongst the more regular posts on this site concerning the career of director Paul Thomas Anderson. Bloggers […]

Short Film Mondays – Dark Yellow by Glen Luchford

This week’s Short Film Mondays features the short film called Dark Yellow. At around half an hour long this short is considerably longer than the ones I normally post in this feature, but it really warrants the extra time with its high tension noir-esque style storyline and the great performances put in by both John […]

Boogie Nights – Review (Spoiler Free)

A hilarious and also affecting look into the adult film industry during the 70’s and 80’s, Boogie Nights tackles an inherently difficult subject and avoids the obvious, but dangerous pitfalls that litter such a controversial area. There is nudity, but it is sparse and is very clearly handled non-gratuitously, presenting sex as an industry and […]