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Exclusive Interview: Gerard Lough Talks Night People

Today we sit down with writer and director Gerard Lough in order to have a chat about his debut feature film Night People. Following on from our review of the film when it hit Irish cinemas on the 13th (here) we thought it would be a good idea to have a chat with Gerard and find […]

Addicted to Fresno – New Release Review

In her fifth feature film Jamie Babbit fixates upon life in a Californian town where nothing seems to happen — nothing good, anyway. Attracting an impressive cast of almost exclusively comediennes — Natasha Lyonne, Judy Greer, Molly Shannon and Aubrey Plaza — the film regrettably misuses the talent it has been afforded by stranding them in a […]

The Shoot – Review (Spoiler Free)

An indie diamond in the rough which mixes comedy and thrills with its own kinetic style… They say that desperate times lead to desperate measures and that’s certainly true in The Shoot where a hard up musician decides to rob an expensive fashion shoot (which is being held out in the desert) in order to pacify […]

Darkness on the Edge of Town- Review (Spoiler Free)

As beautiful as it is bleak, this Irish western is an intimate tale of blood, betrayal and loss. The Irish landscape may not be an obvious backdrop for a western to play out, but make no mistake, the blood of the old west strongly flows through the veins of this dark and taut film. A […]

Now You See Me – Review (Spoiler Free)

Best enjoyed by switching your brain off and enjoying the spectacle. This film about magicians turned criminals is often silly, it’s characters are underwritten and it defies logic with surprising willingness – and yet I had a good time with it. The action is entertaining, the visuals eye catching, and although the plot’s twist and […]

Rushmore – Review (Spoiler Free)

As over-hyped as Rushmore is, there’s still enough to it that it’s an entertaining watch. I don’t think that I get on well with Wes Anderson films. I’ve only seen a couple, and yet they were enough to tell me that I just don’t quite connect with his comedic sensibilities and the way he writes […]