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Hired to Kill – Blu-Ray Release Review

From 1976’s Island of Death to 2002’s .com for Murder, journeyman director Nico Mastorakis put out films on an average of one-per-year, mostly low-budget action films, but branching out into low-budget comedies, low-budget thrillers, low-budget horror, and low-budget erotic thriller. Never managing to shape Hollywood from its B-movie outskirts in the way that a director […]

Ran – New 4k Blu-Ray Release Review

‘To commemorate 400 years since William Shakespeare’s death and thirty years on from its original UK theatrical release in 1986, RAN has been meticulously restored in digital 4K by French laboratory Éclair under STUDIOCANAL and Kadokawa Pictures’ supervision. Based on an original negative, the majority of the restoration work has been done manually, image by […]

The Ninth Configuration – New Release DVD Review

From William Peter Blatty, renowned author of The Exorcist, comes one the most unique and extraordinary films on screen, The Ninth Configuration, a taut theological thriller from 1980, which makes its UK Blu-ray debut courtesy of Second Sight. Deep in a forest of pine trees near the coast of Washington State stands a secluded gothic […]

Pink String and Sealing Wax – Blu-Ray Review (New Release)

We take a look at this restored 1945 classic as it arrives on Blu-Ray and DVD… Based on the play by Roland Pertwee and with an all-star cast including Mervyn Johns, Googie Withers, Gordon Jackson, Jean Ireland, Mary Merall and Sally Ann Howes, Pink String and Sealing Wax is the solo directorial debut from Ealing […]

The Hound of the Baskervilles & The Sign of Four – New Release Blu-Ray Review

In 1983, Granada Television filmed and broadcast two Sherlock Holmes mysteries starring Ian Richardson as the beloved detective. Sadly, due to an unforeseen copyright difficulty, the next four films out of the planned six were never made, and Richardson would not play Holmes again before his death in 2007. Here’s our review: The Films Firstly, […]

Outlaw Gangster VIP: The Complete Collection – Blu-Ray Release Review

We take a look at this brand new collection as it hits UK shelves for the first time… In 1968, acclaimed director Toshio Masuda (Rusty Knife, Tora! Tora! Tora!) and rising star Tetsuya Watari (Tokyo Drifter) teamed up for Outlaw: Gangster VIP. The series offers up a depiction of the Japanese underworld that was unprecedented […]

A Kiss Before Dying – New Release Review

We take a look at this 90’s film noir as it hits UK shelves today… Rosemary’s Baby, The Stepford Wives, The Boys from Brazil – if you’d written each of the novels from which those films were adapted, you’d have to be some kind of literary powerhouse. You’d be one of those writers, like Thomas […]

Basket Case Trilogy – Blu-Ray Re-Release Review

Duane Bradley’s a normal enough guy, if a little quiet, but what’s up with that danged basket he’s always got under his arm? Those who know what’s best for them won’t peek, but, as those who’ve already given these outrageously brilliant films a look will know, it’s hard to resist, especially in this lovingly nourished […]

Re-Animator – Blu-Ray Re-Release Review

Bright, bloody, and full of campy good fun, the most successful of Stuart Gordon’s many cinematic essays at Lovecraft now finds itself brought back to life on DVD and Blu-Ray with a lot of dedication from the folk at Second Sight and a little dash of re-agent. When the brilliant but deeply strange medical student […]

The Pack – New Release Review

Christian Robshaw takes a look at this Australian canine thriller… You might think dogs are one of the sweetest, kindest, most loving, most nurturing, most faithful creatures out there but, if The Pack is to be believed, you’d be dead wrong. And shortly after that, you’d just be dead. When an Australian family – Mum, Dad, […]