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Barely Lethal – Review

Barely Lethal is occasionally fun however it leaves much to be desired… How would you enjoy a mash-up of the action and teen movie genres? I mean, if you pretend you haven’t already seen exactly that in Agent Cody Banks and Alex Rider: Stormbreaker and, to some extent, Spy Kids, and the Young Bond novels, too. […]

Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Review (Spoiler Free)

Solid performances, characterisation and  action make Winter Soldier a lot of fun This is one of my favourite of the Marvel films. It may not be as complex or intelligent as it verges on being, but this thriller delivers some great performances and an actual sense of peril within the action which makes it stand […]

Jurassic Park 3D – Review (Spoiler Free)

Whatever your stance on 3D, you owe it to yourself to revisit Jurassic Park on the big screen – it is spectacular. All arguments for and against 3D conversions do not matter once you find yourself back on that island. The moment that the T-Rex roars and blisters your eardrums, when you see the brachiosaurus […]

Tarantino’s 50th – Django Unchained (Written by Cinematic)

I’m sure that many of you know Cinematic, and those of you who don’t should really go and make your introductions. This is another great site, and I’m very grateful for the Django Unchained review that’s been contributed to this celebration of Tarantino’s 50th birthday. Please head on over and check out the site here […]

Tarantino’s 50th – Discussing Why Tarantino Likes Unbreakable (Written by Mettel Ray)

And now Mettel from Mettel Ray Movie Blog brings you a great post on Tarantino and one of his favourite films – Unbreakable. As always, this is a great work from her so be sure to read on, and if you don’t already know her site, head on over there after! A big thank you […]

Tarantino’s 50th – Kill Bill: Vol.2 (Written by Mark Walker)

Today’s final post is a Kill Bill Vol.2 review contributed by Mark Walker. I’m sure that most of you know Mark and his blog, but for those of who don’t I would thoroughly recommend visiting his site here. It’s certainly worth your time. Now although this is the final review for today, the posts will be continuing for the next two days […]