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Night People – New Release Review

Tom Little takes a look at this new Sci-Fi as it opens in Irish cinemas today… Beautiful, haunting imagery and a few interesting ideas don’t quite coalesce to form a compelling whole in Night People, the feature film debut of Irish director Gerard Lough. Premiering at the HorrorThon Film Festival at the Irish Film Institute in […]

Closer to God – Review by Christian Robshaw

Christian Robshaw finds Closer to God to be an earnest sci-fi horror, even if it’s occasionally silly … When I was offered the opportunity to review Closer to God, I was immediately drawn to it because a glance at its IMDb page suggested it might resemble the fascinating, flawed cult classic Splice and, if I was […]

The Encounter – Review by Christian Robshaw

Christian Robshaw isn’t a fan of the found footage trend but is surprised by this sci-fi horror… What is it with found footage, eh? It’s been a major trend – or gimmick, rather – in horror for about a generation now, and I’m still waiting to see one with characters you could stand spending a weekend […]

Space Command – Interview with Mira Fulan

Today I’m talking to actress Mira Furlan who you probably know from LOST, Babylon 5 or one of the many other highlights from her substantial and varied career! Now she is promoting Space Command which is a space adventure kickstarter project that’s being helmed by Marc Scott Zicree, is filled with many massive sci-fi stars […]

Oblivion – Review (Spoiler Free)

Oblivion’s greatest strength is in its appearance; the Icelandic landscape lends the film an initial sense of power, desolation, and beauty, which it would otherwise struggle to acquire, and the designs of ships, architecture, and clothing are all pretty impressive. This all really works when drawing us in and creating the movie’s own world, it’s […]