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52 Tuesdays – Review (Spoiler Free)

Transcending its playful experiment with form 52 Tuesdays is an intimate exploration of gender, sex and family… Filmed over the course of a year, once every Tuesday, we follow the relationship between the 16 year old Billie and her mother (Jane) as she transitions from female to male. Newcomer Tilda Cobham-Hervey plays the role of Billie, […]

Malady – Review (Spoiler Free)

Like walking through a vivid dream, Malady only falters when you begin to wake up… For a long time Malady gets by on atmosphere and world building alone. It sets it’s own slow pace and dreamlike feel which thankfully doesn’t come across as being in any way contrived as so many other indie films do. […]

Filth – Review (Spoiler Free)

McAvoy is electrifying in what’s otherwise a thoroughly rancid and unruly film… It’s amazing what talented actors can do for a film. This is a tonally uneven, badly scripted and rather vile film that plunges into its nihilistic cravings with gleeful abandon, and if it weren’t for McAvoy’s fearless performance and the efforts put in by his costars it […]

The Duke of Burgundy – Review (Spoiler Free)

A searingly intimate and exceptionally well crafted study of love, sex and relationships… The Duke of Burgundy is a rare cinematic gem which asks a lot of its audience but in turn rewards them with a deftly observed and layered screenplay, pinpoint-precise acting and richly sensual visuals. One takes great pleasure in delving deeply into […]

Shame – Review (Spoiler Free)

A searing look at the modern man who has both everything and nothing… Shame is both a painfully intimate depiction about sex addiction and also a more general look at trauma, dealing with pain and modern city life. Fassbender plays a successful man who lives in a swanky and somewhat sterile condo. He lives alone, […]

Sexmission – Review (Spoiler Free)

Farce, politics and gender dynamics are blended together in this Polish classic… SeksMisja is arguably most famous for somehow escaping the censors during Communist rule in Poland, and even with a very limited knowledge of the period, it’s easy to appreciate how impressive a feat that is. There is enough commentary on communism and totalitarianism […]

Baise-Moi – Review (Spoiler Free)

An ‘Adult’ Thelma and Louise, this is not… Yes it is a film about two women breaking free from society and hitting the road to discover themselves, but Baise-Moi takes us to some very different places than those Thelma and Lousie does. It’s out to shock us with both brutal violence and real, unsimulated sex, […]

Chloe – Review (Spoiler Free)

This sexual thriller may lack tension at points, but it has a strong central cast in Julianne Moore, Liam Neeson, and Amanda Seyfried who all give good performances, it has an engaging script that explores desire in an interesting way, and has solid direction from Atom Egoyan. Moore plays a woman who suspects her husband […]

Easy A – Review (Spoiler Free)

Emma Stone takes the lead role in this above average high school comedy, and she does so very well. She delivers the humorous and slightly offbeat dialogue naturally, whilst also creating a sympathetic character that charms us early on into the film. It’s very easy to see why Easy A had such a positive impact […]