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Short Film Mondays – Malaria by Edson Oda

I don’t know if any of you remember this feature? Basically I feel that short films are all too often dismissed as being inferior to their bigger brothers (features) and that they really should get more attention from us bloggers. Therefore I will be promoting a short film every week for those who are interested […]

Short Film Mondays – It’s No Game by Gideon Blackman

Welcome back to Short Film Mondays! This month we have Gideon Blackman’s ‘It’s No Game’  up for review, so take a look below!: There are spoilers present from here on in: It’s No Game may have an interesting premise; ‘what’s it like to come back from the dead but in your ex’s body?’, but its […]

Short Film Mondays – Mad Max Renegade by Paul C. Miller

The first Monday of every month is Short Film Mondays, and May is no exception. This time around we have Paul C. Miller’s Mad Max fan film, Mad Max Renegade! Check it out below: Beware, there are spoilers from this moment onwards: I am really impressed with this short. It successfully captures the feeling of […]

Short Film Mondays – Wink by Shanee Edwards

This month Short Film Mondays will be returning to its original format; where the short film is actually available for you to watch, and then you have my thoughts tapped out below as per normal. So without further ado, here is Wink by Shanee Edwards: From here onwards there will be spoilers: First of all […]

Short Film Mondays – Masterpiece by Pauric Brennan

Masterpiece is an intriguing short. It’s set within the art world and is full of deception and double crossings as a group of people all try to benefit from a highly prized piece of art. Some nice character building takes place at the beginning, as we are introduced to the interesting and quirky range of […]

Short Film Mondays – Ninety Seconds by Gerard Lough

Ninety Seconds certainly is ambitious. In many ways it feels like a concept for a feature film that’s then been condensed down into just under half an hour. It is set a short distance into the future where the invasion of privacy has been taken to extreme levels, and surveillance experts have access to all […]

Short Film Mondays – Out There by Randal Plunkett

This first entry into Short Film Mondays within the New Year needs to quickly address a small change; this feature will now run on the first Monday of each month, instead of each week as it used to. For more details please click here. Anyway, now let’s get onto the short for this month. Out […]

Short Film Mondays – Sniffer by Bobbie Peers

This week I’ll be taking a look at the rather odd film, Sniffer: Beware of spoilers from here onwards: I’m not really a fan of this short, to me it feels unnecessarily odd, as if the people involved realised the simplicity of their idea and rather than working to make that engaging, they went the […]

Short Film Mondays – Right Place by Kosai Sekine

The idea here is to find a new short film every week; give my opinion on it and perhaps any interesting facts, and then really welcome comments, interpretations and even recommendations. Unfortunately, they often don’t get as much attention as feature films do and so I thought, and hopefully you will too, that it would […]

Short Film Mondays – Epilog by Tom Tykwer

Unfortunately Short Film Mondays hasn’t run for the past two weeks due to problems at my end, but I’m pleased to announce that I’ve finally got it back on track, and it should now resume running each week. This time I’ll be taking a look at the film Epilog: There’s spoilers from here on in: […]