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Hurricane – Short Film Review

Hurricane is the brand new short film from Christiano Dias, an experienced short film director who has managed to fit 20 writer-director credits under his belt in the span of a decade. His latest puts a humorous spin on anti-Communist sentiments running rampant in 1950s America. It tells a darkly comic tale of a couple, Oslo (Corey Page) […]

Looking Back on Short Sighted Cinema: The Shortest Nights

We reflect upon the recent Short Sighted Cinema’s Shortest Nights festival… If you’re free all day on a Sunday and you don’t suffer from a bad back, then there’s hardly any better way you could spend the day than attending one of Short Sighted Cinema’s The Shortest Nights programmes; if you’re not free all day or […]

Positive Discrimination – New Release Review

An impactful if flawed short film on perception and prejudice… Positive Discrimination is an Irish short which brings both smart scripting ideas and an emotionally engaging concept to the table. It tells us the story of a sweet older man being visited by a young carer and appears to be heading in one perfectly predictable direction before then ducking […]

Review – Short Sighted Cinema Present: WHAT MAKES A MAN?

Rumsey’s Christian Robshaw takes a look at this short film programme… Having previously marked the United Nations International Day of Older Persons with their short film programme Short Sighted Cinema Present: OLDER, Short Sighted Cinema now return to The Proud Archivist to mark International Men’s Day with the previously-presented programme WHAT MAKES A MAN? The […]

Short Sighted Cinema Present: OLDER

There are days for everything nowadays, and not just Saints’ Days: an uncle of mine observes such absurdities as World Egg Day and National Burger Day. Despite these days being intended – usually by trade organisations – to raise awareness of their subjects, that awareness usually extends only to this conversation with an acquaintance over […]

A Warming Trend – Review

A simple comedic short which finds humour in unexpected places… Audrey Noone here has created an amusing short film which, whilst not developed or polished enough to sit amongst the best of its kind, will no doubt act as a promising calling card for her and her team in the future. In A Warming Trend we […]

Crossing Paths – Review

A visually impressive short about a boxer who cannot tear down his protective emotional walls.. This short’s premise is concerned with themes of chance and fate as a Boxer (Dan Liebman) discovers one night after the latest in a long run of bad losses. He has built up a mental wall around himself and cannot let anyone in, not his […]

FrightFest Round-Up, Part Six: Shorts, shorts & more shorts

Christian Robshaw delivers his final thoughts on 2015’s FrightFest… This year at FrightFest I attended two of the three Short Film Showcases, and if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to really quickly work through everything I saw at them. Short Film Showcase One opened with Jason Kupfer’s “Invaders”, a very funny and very bloody parody […]

The Girl in the Woods – Review (Spoiler Free)

Mystery and danger fills the lives of those looking for their missing friend in Tofiq Rzayev’s latest short… In this short film a friend is sent a strange text message by his friend which simply reads ‘Find Me’. Moments later his friend’s panicked girlfriend calls to say that he has disappeared after a row broke […]

Boys on Film 13 – Trick or Treat Review

Boys on Film 13 – Trick or Treat brings a real range of films which, at their best, are transcendental and touching… Many different topics are touched on here and the range of approaches may surprise those who bring preconceived notions of what ‘gay’ short films are about. Some characters here are straight and are full of misconceptions about what it […]