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Exclusive Interview: Grigorij Richters Talks 51 Degrees North

Today we have a rather interesting guest for you. Grigorij Richters is here to talk about his new asteroid disaster film 51º North. We talk about how it began, how it first attracted the attention of Queen guitarist Brian May and then how people like Stephen Hawking took an interest and helped make today (30th June) […]

Interstellar – Review (Spoiler Free)

I joyously salute this space adventure for both its bravery and intelligence, despite it’s unfortunate flaws… There are many out there who are ripping Interstellar to shreds for reasons such as its flawed internal logic and its ambitious nature, and some of these criticisms are just and I’ll duly address those. But those who are […]

Gravity – Review (Spoiler Free)

Ultimately Gravity isn’t much more than a pretty face. I have to admit that technically this film is beyond impressive. The visuals and sound design don’t just create a believable and stunning location for the film to take place in, they instead truly transport you into it. It’s rare that such an obvious term can be […]