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Focus releases new stills

Will Smith and Margot Robbie deliver a new batch of stills fresh from the set of Focus… This new movie stars Smith as a confidence trickster who sets about training a rookie (Robbie) in his arts until he forces himself to stop after developing feelings for her. He lives in a world in which trust […]

Walking Dead Releases New Stills!

Season 5 has unleashed new cast close ups for us a month before it begins its TV run. I’ve been a late comer to The Walking Dead, in fact I’m only just finishing up series four at the moment, but I’ve quickly become a big fan of the show and can’t wait until October to […]

Mermaid Down has Reached it’s Funding Goal!

The crowd-sourced horror movie about a mermaid that’s caught, has her tail cut off and is then thrown into an institution has reached its $100,000 budget. This horror movie has held my attention for a little while now; not only does the footage shot for the sizzle reel look excellent, but the script has received […]

State of Desolation Releases New Stills

The upcoming zombie apocalypse movie has set loose a couple of new images featuring Jamie Bernadette, Sadie Katz and Craig Stark. I’ve been intrigued about this one for a while now and I’m liking a lot of what I have seen since as stills and video diaries keep on rolling in. The film’s about an […]