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Thank you for the Paul Thomas Anderson Blogathon!

Thanks to all of the participants who took part! So Inherent Vice is now open in the UK and this little blogathon is over. I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of those who contributed to the celebration and also thank all of you who stopped by and took a look at […]

This is just to say…

Thank you Over the last few months I have received a lot of really great comments about my ‘Who’s that?’ feature within the guesses made each month. Due to the nature of the form which you fill in I cannot reply to any of your comments and I feel that I really need to acknowledge […]

Mr Rumsey is reconnected!

That’s right, I finally have regular internet access again! I’m looking forward to getting back into reading posts by a lot of you guys that visit this site, and also to finally be putting out some reviews of my own again. A big thank you to those of you have stuck with this site during […]