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Exclusive Interview: Chiara D’Anna Talks The Duke of Burgundy

Today I have Chiara D’Anna in to chat about her new film The Duke of Burgundy which is in cinemas now. I loved the film (review here) and it was great to talk with Chiara and learn more about the process behind the film and about her background as an actor. Read on for our […]

Exclusive Interview: Fatma Mohamed Talks The Duke of Burgundy

Today I’m excited to say we have Fatma Mohamed in to talk about The Duke of Burgundy which I gave a glowing review recently (here). She plays The Carpenter in the film who provides her clients with the rather unusual apparatus that they desire. It’s a fun role and it was good to have a quick chat with […]

The Duke of Burgundy – Review (Spoiler Free)

A searingly intimate and exceptionally well crafted study of love, sex and relationships… The Duke of Burgundy is a rare cinematic gem which asks a lot of its audience but in turn rewards them with a deftly observed and layered screenplay, pinpoint-precise acting and richly sensual visuals. One takes great pleasure in delving deeply into […]