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Exclusive Interview: Joanna Ignaczewska Talks The Scopia Effect!

Today we are excited to welcome Joanna Ignaczewska to the site in order to talk about her starring role in The Scopia Effect. We found the film to be an ‘audacious’ and ‘refreshingly curious’¹ piece of moviemaking and so it proved very interesting to hear from Joanna; learning how she approached the role’s complexities, her avoidance of research when […]

The Scopia Effect – New Release Review

Christopher Butler directorial début is an audacious and refreshingly curious cross genre piece… Perhaps Butler didn’t hear that commonly thrown about mantra which says you should start small when crafting your début film, after having seen his bold, experimental approach for myself though I’m more inclined to think he took one look at the proverbial rule book and ripped it […]