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Éluder – New Release Review

Rich textures and an intriguing set-up cannot stop this short thriller from faltering…  Éluder begins with a very intriguing set-up, an elegant man relaxing in his hotel room is disturbed by an envelope being passed under his room’s door. Upon opening it he finds a photograph of a woman and enough accompanying information to have him believe her […]

The Treatment – Review by Christian Robshaw

Christian Robshaw reviews one of the year’s strongest thrillers… The Treatment, a Belgian film adapted from Mo Hayder’s British crime novel of the same name, follows a police detective named Nick Cafmeyer who, despite his reputation for going too far, is nonetheless respected as one of the best. You can’t really blame him for it: […]

Chloe – Review (Spoiler Free)

This sexual thriller may lack tension at points, but it has a strong central cast in Julianne Moore, Liam Neeson, and Amanda Seyfried who all give good performances, it has an engaging script that explores desire in an interesting way, and has solid direction from Atom Egoyan. Moore plays a woman who suspects her husband […]

Don’t Bother to Knock – Review (Spoiler Free)

There will always be a debate over whether Marilyn Monroe could act or not, and when either side provides examples to defend their opinion, this film normally comes up. An unusual little film; it takes place over the course of one night, when a woman named Nell (Monroe) is given the task of babysitting a […]