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Locke – Review (Spoiler Free)

Who ever knew that concrete and motorways could be so emotionally laden and exciting… On the face of it Locke may sound like a gimmick. A film which solely takes place in the interior of a car and focuses on one man’s journey as he travels from Birmingham to London inevitably is an experiment in form. But […]

Mad Max: Fury Road – Review by Christian Robshaw (Spoiler Free)

Christian Robshaw takes a look at the latest Mad Max instalment… After a thirty-year gap since the last Mad Max film, the original director and co-writer for the whole series, George Miller, returns with a new instalment that is possibly-a-sequel, maybe-a-reboot; in the tradition of cheap, over-the-top trilogies like Leone’s Dollars, Romero’s Dead or Sam […]

Mad Max: Tom Hardy Wants More Movies…

Hardy is set to get madder than ever… It’s just over a month now until Max is going to be returning to our big screens, and I for one am really excited to see what Hardy has done with the iconic role. What I wasn’t bargaining for quite so soon was that I would be […]

Top 10 most anticipated films for 2014

So, better late than never, here are my top ten most anticipated films for 2014. There were a lot of films to consider such as Luc Besson’s latest film Lucy , Ridley Scott’s latest endeavor Exodus where he’s teaming up with Christian Bale and Sigourney Weaver and The Amazing Spider-Man 2, as well as a whole host […]

Tom Hardy Being Lined Up To Play James Bond

Originally posted on Confessions of a Nerf Herder:
Daniel Craig is signed up for another two outings as James Bond, but the actor apparently has no interest in returning after that point. So, as ever, here starts the rumours of who could be next to play 007. The first shout is that Tom Hardy is…

This Means War – Review (Spoiler Free)

Even Tom Hardy, playing a suave, cool secret agent, can’t save this one from being a dud. This Means War could have been a passable rom-com action movie; it had a solid cast and a somewhat stupid, but entertaining enough premise:  that two CIA agents use their skills and access to government resources in order […]

Warrior – Review (Spoiler Free)

Warrior is not just notable for being one of the best sports movies in a long time, but also because it boasts three excellent lead performances. Nick Nolte is heart-wrenching in his role as the ex-alcoholic who’s crippled by his previous failings as a father, and who is now trying to make amends with his […]

My Movie Alphabet

Mettel Ray Movie Blog is currently running this blogathon and I thought that I would contribute my movie alphabet. Please check out her blog here, and read some of the other contributions here. I hope that you enjoy my choices! # – 4 Months, 3 Weeks & 2 Days This film really impacted upon me, […]

Which actor plays the best James Bond?

So I’m starting out this Bond week with the big one, the article that just has to be written when talking about 007, and the one that every fan inevitably has strong opinions about; who makes the best James Bond? This post marks the start of a week where my blog will become almost entirely […]

Stuart: A Life Backwards – Review (Spoiler Free)

Unsurprisingly, with both Tom Hardy and Benedict Cumberbatch starring, the acting in this film is excellent; they are two of today’s greatest working actors and both give performances that are layered, very likeable, and that mange to overcome the inherent dangers that come with this being based on a true, and recent story. Stuart is […]