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Killer Dames – Blu-Ray Re-Release Review

In the 1970s, Italian director Emilio P. Miraglia never quite made it as big as Dario Argento. For that matter, he never made it as big as Mario Bava or Lucio Fulci, nor Sergio Martino, or Umberto Lenzi or even Ruggero Deodato. Still, he managed to make, under the assumed name Hal Brady, the thrillers […]

Basket Case Trilogy – Blu-Ray Re-Release Review

Duane Bradley’s a normal enough guy, if a little quiet, but what’s up with that danged basket he’s always got under his arm? Those who know what’s best for them won’t peek, but, as those who’ve already given these outrageously brilliant films a look will know, it’s hard to resist, especially in this lovingly nourished […]