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Game of Thrones: The Red Woman (Season 6, Episode 1)

Season 6 gets off to a bloody, confident and thrilling start… Heavy Spoiler Warning: This episode does not air until 9pm in the UK and so if you haven’t yet seen Episode 1 of Season Six it is strongly advised that you do not read this article. So we are back in the cold, harsh […]

Fear The Walking Dead: Monster (Season 2, Episode 1)

Episode 1 wastes no time in getting us out on the open ocean… Picking up almost exactly where the last season left off, Episode 1 of Fear the Walking Dead‘s second season has our survivors ferrying goods and themselves out to the waiting Abigail as the world goes to hell around them. Approaching walkers are silhouetted […]

Game of Thrones Releases Season 6 Images

As April the 24th inches ever closer we’ve been given 24 brand new stills… This is all very exciting! HBO have granted all of us a host of brand new Game of Thrones stills which frankly give us an awful lot to ponder over the next couple of months. It should be obvious but a […]

And Then There Were None – New DVD Release Review

A perfectly executed and thrillingly dark murder mystery… And Then There Were None has been adapted before and yet no version has quite managed to capture the murky beating heart at the centre of this story until now. This isn’t your standard Christie in which a fiendish murder is solved by the intelligence of our […]

Esio Trot – Review (Spoiler Free)

An almost perfectly pitched adaptation which charms both adults and kids alike… One of the hardest things to create on screen is charm, and one of the others is intelligent simplicity, and yet amongst the most notable features of the BBC’s adaptation of Esio Trot was how well it succeeds at creating both of those elements. Richard Curtis’ scripting on […]

Exclusive Interview with The Walking Dead’s Meyrick Murphy!

Hi all! Today I’ve managed to grab a few minutes with young actress Meyrick Murphy where we  found time to talk about The Walking Dead, Doctor Who and how her love of astrophysics is fueled by watching The Big Bang Theory. Be sure to read on for more… As a big Walking Dead fan I […]

Walking Dead Releases New Stills!

Season 5 has unleashed new cast close ups for us a month before it begins its TV run. I’ve been a late comer to The Walking Dead, in fact I’m only just finishing up series four at the moment, but I’ve quickly become a big fan of the show and can’t wait until October to […]

Martin Freeman Joins Fargo TV Series

I’ve been somewhat skeptical  of the decision to create a spinoff from the movie Fargo ever since I first heard the tentative plans for the ten episode miniseries. My feelings haven’t really changed, after all it does beg the question ‘why?’, but with the Coen Brother’s overseeing the production, and with two strong actors leading […]

Zombieland: The Series – Pilot Review (Spoiler Free)

So, after being intrigued about Zombieland as a TV series for quite some time now, it felt good to finally get around to watching the pilot. Unfortunately, it went ahead and  killed any enthusiasm that I had for this series. We are back with the same characters from the film; Tallahassee, Columbus,  Wichita, and Little […]