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Fear The Walking Dead – Releases Season 2 Clips

Yesterday we announced that Fear the Walking Dead had finally given a little more to its fans and released its first teaser trailer for its second season. Today though they have gone all out and provided us all with a series of clips from the upcoming show ahead of its arrival on 11th April… There is a […]

Fear The Walking Dead -Season 2 Teaser Trailer

Here’s what every Fear the Walking Dead fan has been waiting for. Until now we haven’t had a whole lot to go on about the second series in the popular spin-off show except for the image above. Now though we have the first teaser trailer for the series which will be reaching us on 11th April. […]

The Walking Dead Releases Season 5 Promo: Surviving Together

The Walking Dead brings us a teaser for Season 5’s return… A teaser has landed for February’s return of The Walking Dead which… doesn’t really tell us anything at all. I’m looking forward to the show returning but this teaser only really shows us two things; firstly that people will be firing guns a lot […]

Walking Dead Releases New Stills!

Season 5 has unleashed new cast close ups for us a month before it begins its TV run. I’ve been a late comer to The Walking Dead, in fact I’m only just finishing up series four at the moment, but I’ve quickly become a big fan of the show and can’t wait until October to […]