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Concussion – New Release Review

We open on a doctor being interviewed in court. He’s here to give testimony as a forensic expert, but he takes his sweet time getting to it, offering a comedically long list of degrees and specialisms before finally getting to the point, which is that he’s really good at autopsies; when it comes to autopsies, […]

Suicide Sqaud Trailer: Insanity has never been so fun…

The latest Suicide Squad trailer has burst onto our screens… All film marketing departments should learn by example from those who have been running Suicide Squad‘s promotional campaign. When this film was initially announced we could barely conjure up enough energy to shrug, however little by little that opinion has been changing. Whilst the jury is still out on whether […]

Focus – Review (Spoiler Free)

This rom-con has all the right ingredients for a classic con movie, but it’s riddled with flaws… It’s an interesting challenge blending together the classic con movie formula with the regular rom-com. If you lean too heavily on the criminal side then the romance doesn’t work and at best it becomes a subplot of the […]

Focus releases new stills

Will Smith and Margot Robbie deliver a new batch of stills fresh from the set of Focus… This new movie stars Smith as a confidence trickster who sets about training a rookie (Robbie) in his arts until he forces himself to stop after developing feelings for her. He lives in a world in which trust […]