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Fear the Walking Dead – New Trailer: Monster

There’s danger in the depths in Fear the Walking Dead… Today we have recieved the first 30 second trailer for Fear the Walking Dead‘s upcoming season! We have a nice amount of new footage mixed in with what we have already seen and the show seems to be striking an interesting balance between classic zombie apocalypse and a quasi-Jaws […]

Fear the Walking Dead – Sun, Sand and Rotting Corpses

There’s no safe harbour in this teaser from Fear the Walking Dead… We have another teaser for Fear the Walking Dead everyone! Whilst it’s certainly short this beach based series of shots only adds to the tone and location building which AMC have been undertaking for the last couple of weeks. We’ve had stills, a different teaser […]

Exclusive Interview with Jamie Bernadette!

Today we sit down with actress Jamie Bernadette to talk about her upcoming zombie movie State of Desolation. Jamie (The Bunnyman Massacre, Secret Children) has been very busy recently with a large array of exciting different projects. Although we didn’t have time  to cover them all here, we do go in depth about the upcoming […]

Matt Smith Joins Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

This on again off again adaptation has just bagged the Doctor to help fight its zombies. I don’t really know what to make of this project…. As a fan of Austen’s novel I’m simultaneously repulsed by the idea of throwing zombies into the mix and excited to see the novel shaken up in what could […]