What I’m Looking Forward to – A Thousand Times Goodnight

A Thousand Times Goodnight

A Thousand Times Goodnight

Juliette Binoche here plays a war photographer who is experiencing brutal fighting  and danger on a daily basis. On top of that her husband has now had enough of her extreme job and she must face a difficult emotional task trying to follow both paths that she loves; her work and her family. With excellent praise already being directed at Binoche’s performance, this is one movie I really want to see.

Check out the trailer below:

For more info check out A Thousand Times Goodnight‘s IMDb’s page here.



  1. Looks like an interesting movie and I love Binoche, so will keep an eye out for this movie.

    1. Yeah same!
      I had the chance to interview the director of this one but I couldn’t make it, it was a real shame as this one seems very promising!

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