What I’m Looking Forward to – Lucy



Scarlett Johansson plays a drug mule turned super hero in Luc Besson’s latest film, Lucy. As a huge fan of Besson’s Leon: The Professional I have been on board with this one for quite some time. The action skills which Johansson displays in Captain America: The Winter Soldier makes me extra excited for this one. The idea of somebody suddenly being able to access more than the standard 10% of their brain may sound a little overdone and uninteresting, but I have my faith set in the team of people surrounding this one.

Check out the trailer below:

For more info check out Lucy‘s IMDb’s page here.



  1. Looks like a great movie.

    1. I really hope it is, Johansson is at the top of her game right now as an action hero and hopefully this will be a similar effort!

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